PURRfect Feather Cat Toy
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PURRfect Feather Cat Toy

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PURRfect™ Feather Cat Toy

  • 32” Clear Wand with Noise Makers
  • Patented Flexi-Neck for added bounce and safety
  • 36” Reinforced Cord.  Cord is internally reinforced to prevent stretching and breaking during rough play
  • All Natural Feathers
  • Comes with a free replacement end with each toy
  • Toy allows owners to purchase different ends from our PURRfect™ Tie On Line to extend toy lifetime and bring versatility and variety
  • No Metal Connectors- most cat toys with interchangeable ends use metal connectors which can break a tooth or nail
  • Simulates flight while bringing the scent of real birds to the cat with our natural processed feathers

Made in the USA 

One of the cutest Cat Demos:



  • Vee Enterprises uses the best quality Faux-Furs. 
  • All toys and products are Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA
  • Over 20 years of Pet Products
  • All feathers are either naturally molted by the bird or are a result of waste from a separate industry.
  • All feathers are processed and cleaned without harsh chemicals, maintaining the feathers natural flexibility, scent, and durability.  Feathers treated with harsh chemicals typically result in being scentless, brittle and easy to break.  Feathers that break as a result of harsh chemical processing typically leave a sharp quill, which can scratch or poke a cat.  Most competing feather cat toys use harsh chemicals to clean and treat their feathers.
  • All feathers that are colored are done with food coloring.
  • All leathers are vegetable tanned
  • All wands used are incredibly flexible and durable.
  • All toys should be put away after use.

Eco Tip: All feathers are either naturally molted by the bird or they are collected from a separate industry helping reduce their waste.


 Please put toy away after use, do not leave out for kitty to chew on.

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