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Manna Pro Fresh Flakes

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Size: 12 lbs

There are a lot of bedding products out there, but Manna Pro® is proud to offer Fresh Flakes super-premium poultry bedding.

Not only are the shavings harvested through sustainable business practices, but our shavings go through a lengthy and unique process to ensure the very best for your flock. First, the shavings are heated up to 800° F and screened multiple times to keep the bedding free of mold spores, E. Coli, Salmonella, and dust. Then, specially developed machines compress and pack the bales, eliminating any potential contamination from outside sources. Plus, these shavings are low-moisture, which is why our bedding is ultra-absorbent. Whether you raise champion show birds, or you keep a few pet hens for tasty eggs, make sure you use Fresh Flakes premium poultry bedding for the happiest, healthiest coop!

Pine shavings are harvested from renewable forestry resources All-natural and compostable Heat dried to prevent mold spores, E. Coli, and Salmonella Screened to remove dust

Made in the USA


Clean out all bedding and debris from the coop or housing structure. If using a liquid cleaning aid, wait until flooring surface is completely dry. Break apart compressed shavings and sprinkle a two inch layer of bedding inside the coop and nesting boxes. A layer of Coop 'N Compost® odor neutralizer under the bedding will help extend the life of your shavings and decrease harmful odors.


Pine Shavings

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