Natural Cat Entertainment: Implementing a Visually Enriching Environment
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We’re in the heat of summer and even though you may enjoy those hot days hanging out at the beach or trolling the mall, it doesn’t mean your cat needs a little enrichment in their lives. Enriching your cats indoor environment can help reduce their destructive behavior, by implementing a Visually Enriching Environment.


Just like we humans need things to do our cats need enrichment in their lives too. Although our cats are healthier, safer and live longer lives indoors, when they’re deprived of a sensory enriched environment, they can become bored and over eat and develop behavior issues.

Developing an enriching environment should make the most of their natural behavior and predatory instincts. When given the opportunity cats love to stalk things and one cat safe way of doing is with a home made bird feeder made of recycled materials. If you have a window perch or an area where your cat likes to lounge, adding a bird feeder near by can enrich your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

How to make a bird feeder for small spaces using recycled materials.

Things you will need: a recycled clean peanut butter type jar with a screw on lid (if you have the right tools you can also try using a mason jar), lid from a large plastic container, a drill or utility knife, large button (approximately 2-3 inches), hemp thread or twine, a natural plant derived glue, marker, scissor, and a couple of pencils or bamboo skewers.

1. Drill or cut a small hole in the center of the jar, jar lid and lid from the large plastic container.

2. Sketch out 3 – 4 small holes around the jar with a marker making them about the size of a half-dollar coin. Proceed with cutting the holes using your utility knife. If you choose too, you can smooth out the edges of the center of the holes with sand paper.

3. Create a perch, using your marker, pick two to four spots exactly opposite from each other slightly below the feeding holes you just created and mark them with your marker. Proceed with drilling or cutting your holes to match the circumference of the pencils or bamboo skewers you will be using.

4. Measure a length of twine that is adequate to pass through your bird feeder with an additional 6-8 inches for hanging, double it by folding and cut. Thread your string through your button, up through your large lid, then through the bottom of your jar and finally through the jar lid.

5. Place a little bit of your natural glue at the bottom of your jar and carefully glue it to the yogurt lid. Next thread the perches through the holes you created and add a dab of natural glue to each hole for stability. Let everything dry for about an hour.

6. Add food to your bird feeder. You can choose to use store bought birdseed mix or create your own using rolled oats, molasses, raisins and peanut butter. It really depends on the birds living in your area.

7. Screw on your jar lid and your ready to hang up your new recycled bird feeder.


This is a great activity that is not only fun for the whole family; it will help supplement natural food sources available for birds in your yard and it’s good for the environment. Let’s help give discarded things a new life and help reduce the 4 million tons of plastic that enters our oceans each year.





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